More Infinity Scarves

infinity scarf, olive oil

Olive Oil infinity scarf

handwoven infinity scarf

NY infinity scarf

I’ve made two more infinity scarves, in two of Tammy’s handpainted colorways.

Both are handwoven from a bamboo-cotton blend — 2/3 bamboo and 1/3 cotton.  I really like working with this blend.  I like the way it drapes, I like the way it takes color, I like its softness.  I even like the way it smells.  Every fiber has its own scent, and to me, bamboo-cotton smells great.

Although I’m not particularly fond of having pictures of myself taken, I’m the only one handy most of the time.   I wanted to show a few ways to wear infinity scarves, so it was me or me.  You’ve already seen the double wrap and triple wrap around my neck — here are three more options.

infinity scarf drape

infinity scarf drape

infinity scarf keyhole

infinity scarf keyhole

infinity scarf bolero

infinity scarf bolero

I’m going to make a much wider infinity scarf now out of 100% bamboo. It will have different looks and wrapping options.

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