Follow up

I really do like the way that JM’s warp looked and felt after wet finishing and pressing, too. The texture is still really obvious.

When I pulled this wrap out of the dryer I was surprised. I don’t usually look much at the ‘wrong’ side of the warp when I weave. For most of […]


Let me start by saying that I love my baby mamas. Working with the young women who order custom handwoven baby wraps from me is a real joy. They are overwhelmingly happy, agreeable women who communicate well and are easy to get along with. JM is no exception.

She’s getting the sister wrap to MY. […]

Shall We Rant?

I don’t think I’ve ever bad mouthed a product publicly before. I’m going to now. Shame on you, Intuit, for QuickBooks Online.

Let me start by saying that I’m not against the entire product line, just one aspect. For more than a decade I used QuickBooks for Windows, which I like. For a bit […]

Baby (W)rappin’

Since I came back from the show this past weekend I’ve been weaving like mad. I feel behind schedule with my handwoven baby wraps. I wanted to make quick progress on MY & JM’s wraps. In between grocery shopping, laundry, giving the dog a haircut and bath, & other miscellaneous tasks, I’ve managed to get […]

Community Weaving Installed

I spent last night tying off the remaining student squares so that I could at least begin the installation of the community weaving project today. I had no idea how long it would take. The answer to that question was about 3 hours on site, plus all my prep work.

Who cares? I’m really happy […]