Home again, home again jiggity jig

Red & I are happy to be home again. We had a great time in Rochester playing with & caring for my grandson, but as Dorothy learned, there’s no place like home…sleeping in our own beds, taking our usual walks, knowing where everything is. And I just watched 3 deer make their way across […]

Mac & Me

I’ve become friends with my Mac. It took time — time checking out other looms, time buying and then selling what I thought would be my ideal loom, and time weaving on Mac. I believe we’re there now.

I told you about that sample placemat I wove on the Mac. Well, not surprisingly, it wasn’t […]

Back Online

After my last post I did receive the new modem from DishNetwork. Unfortunately I couldn’t activate it. A phone call to Dish, and the techies couldn’t figure it out so they had to send a real live person to my house. Four days later.

The technician worked on it for 2 hours before he […]


I used to make jewelry. A lot of it. When I started weaving I slowed down and eventually stopped making jewelry. I still have quite a bit of finished pieces to sell, which I do only very locally and at a bargain. More than that, I have many, many, MANY beads. You don’t want to […]

New Year Looms

No, not the new year is looming, but rather what my looms look like as the new year dawns. The idea of photographing your loom(s) on New Year’s Day has become an annual invitation by Meg over at Unravelling, and this is the 2nd year I’ve joined the fun. Without further ado…

Above, the […]