Lullaby Handwoven Baby Blankets

Early this month I got a repeat order from one of my customers. She wanted me to make her a baby blanket, in blue and white, out of bamboo cotton. Some months ago she’d purchased one in pink and cream for a baby girl. She loved the look, and the softness of the fiber, and […]

It’s In The Bag

While my daughter and her husband were in the hospital laboring to birth their beautiful son, my assignment was to be at their house to take care of their three animals. I was happy to do so.

I was a bit challenged in my thinking about this. As an admitted obsessive-compulsive person with the […]

Handwoven Silk Scarves-Twill Blocks

While I was at MAFA, I saw some scarves woven in twill blocks that excited me. I saw some other twill blocks online at Weavolution. The beauty of this design – simple to thread, simple to treadle, is that the two colors flip back and forth from the front of the scarf to the back. […]

On Weaving…and not

I did some weaving in the last two weeks, but not for this week. Why not? I have a brand new grandson!! My first grandchild, and very exciting. I don’t have any pix of him yet (he & his parents will be arriving home today), so I’ll show you some of what I wove before […]

MAFA Weaving Sample

Robyn Spady is an amazing teacher! She’s knowledgeable, organized, friendly, patient, and flexible. Her Extreme Warp Makeover workshop was really great.

Any fears I had about having too much time and not enough warp were completely unfounded. I put on 4-1/2 yards, and got less than 2 woven. I learned LOTS!

I was supposed […]