Lullaby Handwoven Baby Blankets

Early this month I got a repeat order from one of my customers. She wanted me to make her a baby blanket, in blue and white, out of bamboo cotton. Some months ago she’d purchased one in pink and cream for a baby girl. She loved the look, and the softness of the fiber, and now a baby boy was coming. I’d woven the pink and cream blanket from hand painted yarn I purchased from Tammy at Yarntopia Treasures. So I went back to Tammy and decided on one of her blends called Lullaby. Not only was it a nice, bright blue and white, the name of this colorway is just perfect.

Tammy dyed what I needed, for the baby blanket and for more bamboo cotton yarn I ordered from her at the same time, and sent them off to me. It arrived while I was up with my new grandson. So immediately upon arriving home I planned out the little blanket and got the loom warped up to make two blankets. This particular customer wanted a small blanket, carriage size, so I could easily weave a straight twill on my counterbalance loom, since doubleweave wasn’t needed. (I don’t generally like to weave baby blankets in plain weave, because I want them to be a soft as possible.)

It didn’t take long to make those two small handwoven baby blankets. I made them slightly different, and gave my customer her choice. She picked this one, which was woven with the same variegated weft as the warp.
handwoven baby blanket in bamboo cotton, Lullaby

At her request, I finished this blanket with just a rolled hem. First I sewed a both a straight line and a zigzag stitch along both ends before I cut the blankets apart. Then I rolled and hand hemmed the blanket. I decided that this one was woven a bit more loosely than usual, and because I expected that it would be machine washed and dried, I’d be more comfortable with it wearing well if I followed up with another row of zigzag stitching along the edge of that rolled hem, so I did that, too.

As with most of my baby blankets, I finished the second one with a polyester satin binding. I also wove this one with 5/2 white pearl cotton so it looked more stripey than plaid-like.handwoven baby blanket, bamboo cotton, lullaby2

I have 3 or 4 skeins of this yarn left, and with just 2 basic colors, my plan at this point is to try preparing the warp so that I can make a false ikat. (Here’s a site about real ikat.) However, I know myself; I have lots of plans that don’t reach fruition, often simply because of time. I always have more ideas for cool woven stuff than I have time to weave.

Your turn: how many of your plans never see the light of day?

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