Rigid Heddle Weaving Sells!

After I finished the last post, I went to bed. Like sometimes happens, although my body was tired, my mind wasn’t completely shut off. As I lay there thinking about my sales, I realized something.

Of the 15 scarves I sold at Roycroft, 4 of them were woven on my rigid heddle loom. Which […]

Roycroft Festival Sales

The Roycroft Summer Art Festival is over. The weather was conducive to selling scarves – not too hot & muggy. In fact, it was a bit chilly, making people want to look at warm things.

So what of my new weaving sold?

First to go were the two eggshell huck lace scarves. With a […]

Rayon Gemtones

I have time to weave one last project before the Roycroft show. Although I was happy enough with both the Surreal rayon scarves and the Visionary Egyptian cotton scarves, neither gave me the gemtones visual that I wanted. So I decided that’s what I’d do. Time crunch being what it was, I set up the […]

Eggshell Cotton Huck Lace

My eggshell cashmere silk scarves were a failure, at least as far as being saleable. So I combined my customers’ requests for white or eggshell scarves and their desire for cottons into one product.

After my recent experience with the 5/2 handpainted Egyptian cotton, I knew that I wanted to sett the eggshell cotton […]

Handwoven Egyptian Cotton Scarves

I really do pay attention to what my customers, and potential customers, say they want. At the Kenan show, I had some requests for more cotton scarves. I don’t usually do a lot with cotton other than my lace, because personally, I prefer the feel and drape of rayon & bamboo. I sure do want […]