Saving A Shawl

Last summer I wove a shawl from a semi-heavy white cotton, using an all-over huck pattern in a way that created what I call window panes. That was fine, except that it’s difficult to be sure you’re not making any treadling errors as you’re weaving.

When it came off the loom and was wet finished, […]

Surreal Rayon Scarves

I love producing rayon scarves. I like their drape and the fact that rayon is made from cellulose. So I went to my stash.

I had some lovely handpainted rayon boucle from Tammy in a colorway she calls Surreal. She’d done some custom dyeing for me, with a coordinating navy-black yarn. So I set the […]

Cracked Eggshell Scarves

One of the things people wanted at the Kenan show was more scarves in white or eggshell. I’d ordered the silk in white, and thought I’d get it in time to weave with it, so wanted to make something in eggshell.

I recently bought some eggshell cashmere & silk yarn, so perfect. I decided to […]

Cotton Flannel Shawls

At the Kenan show I sold 2 shawls and donated a 3rd as a door prize. I only had one shawl left, so making some more was a big priority before the Roycroft.

As soon as I got home I ordered some lovely undyed silk, but it hasn’t arrived yet, and won’t get here in […]

Rigid Heddle Brooks Bouquet

I know, I know. I’ve been away from the computer FOREVER. I’ve got all sorts of good reasons excuses. The grass needs regular mowing; I had a dump truck full of mulch delivered that has to be moved & spread, after the garden’s been weeded, of course; I did the 100 American Craftsmen show at […]