Cotton Flannel Shawls

At the Kenan show I sold 2 shawls and donated a 3rd as a door prize. I only had one shawl left, so making some more was a big priority before the Roycroft.

As soon as I got home I ordered some lovely undyed silk, but it hasn’t arrived yet, and won’t get here in time for me to weave with it before the show.

I had to make several things, so using fibers that would work up quickly was a serious goal. I decided to use up some of the variegated cotton flannel I have in pinks and purples.
handwoven cotton flannel shawls

I threaded my counterbalance loom in a straight draw (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4…), and sett it at 9 ends per inch. The first shawl, on the left, I wove in a tabby. I was a bit surprised at how the colors seemed to turn into little windows.

For the second shawl, in the middle in the photo, I used tabby again, but this time I used a thick & thin lavender cotton. I think I like this one better than the first, but somehow it looks sort of rag-rugish to me.

The third, on the right, is definitely my favorite. I used that same variegated yarn for weft, but wove it in a simple twill. I like what it did with the colors.

The cotton flannel is really soft, and I think the colors will be popular. Without touching it, people might think it’s too warm; fortunately I encourage feeling my finished pieces, and when they feel this one, they’ll see that it’s perfect for a summer evening.

Day 2, stay tuned for my next weaving….

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  • […] of my new weaving to be sold wasn’t until Sunday morning, when I sold one of the cotton flannel shawls. It had drawn lots of admiring looks, but no takers. Then, a woman walked up to the booth, saw it, […]

  • Interesting name for a cotton yarn. I also had never heard of it and wonder if it is a very soft brushed yarn that gives it the name? The shawls look lovely and soft.

    • Peg Cherre

      Yes, Evelyn, it is a very soft brushed yarn. I’d be happy to mail a sample to you and Barbara. If you’re interested, email me (peg at handwovenscarves dot com) with your mailing addy.

  • Barbara

    I have never heard of cotton flannel yarn -where do you get such a thing? I see that you sett it at 9 epi – so I assume it’s a worsted weight or thereabouts?

    your shawls are gorgeous and I just want to reach thru the internet and touch them.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks for the compliments, Barbara. I purchase my machine dyed variegated cotton flannel yarn on ebay, from Melanie at FiberOptions. My handpainted cotton flannel comes from Tammy at YarntopiaTreasures. I really love the baby colors of cotton flannel from Melanie for my baby blankets – they’re just perfect. You can see them at this blog post.

      The cotton flannel yarn I’ve purchased is 1300 yards per pound. I rarely use worsted weight yarn, so can comment on how it compares in size. You certainly could use a much closer sett for a heavier fabric, but I love the softness and drape at 9 ends and picks per inch.

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