Out Like A Lion

The old saw is that if March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb; in like a lamb, out like a lion.

Hah! This year’s a fooler. March came in like a lion and is leaving like a lion.

I awoke this morning to about an inch of snow on […]

How Lucky Am I?

My wonderful son spent the weekend with me. He’s kind, easy-going, fun, hard working, and quite talented. He designed and built that wonderful cone rack a few weeks ago.

This weekend I was almost out of firewood and we were in the middle of a late March cold snap. I was completely willing to turn […]

Summer & Winter Handwoven Napkins

I’m FINALLY able to share the results of my handwoven napkins for the International Napkin Exchange.

I wove 10 napkins. All have the same white warp, and all have the same summer & winter block design. Summer & winter means that’s what’s dark on one side is light on the other. The term came from […]

My New Cone Rack

I told you I had to get a new computer desk because my wonderful son made me a great cone rack that needed space, and promised to show it to you.

Here’s the new rotating cone rack empty. It doesn’t give you much scale to judge its size.

Michael’s standing next to it here. […]

March 23 – Spring or Winter?

I awoke this morning to 6+ inches of snow on the ground. The heavy, wet type. Slogging through it at 5AM with my dog wasn’t fun, but we got through it. Poor little Red had snowballs up the entire length of his hairy legs, and all over his belly. I had to put him in […]