My New Cone Rack

I told you I had to get a new computer desk because my wonderful son made me a great cone rack that needed space, and promised to show it to you.

Here’s the new rotating cone rack empty. It doesn’t give you much scale to judge its size.
cone rack empty

Michael’s standing next to it here. He’s about 6’4″, so you can get a better sense of how large it is. Large enough to hold 132 cones of yarn!
more cone rack empty

Pretty impressive, isn’t it??!!!

I finally had time to load it today.

I will admit that the size of it is a bit overwhelming to me at the moment. I’m afraid of tipping. Michael will be home today to see it loaded, and I’ll see what he has to say about that possibility. If he thinks it’s safe, I’m sure it will be. If he thinks it’s too tippy, no doubt he’ll make a design modification to correct that.

Trust me, I could have taken a lot longer organizing it. Should I do it by color? By fiber? By yarn size? Don’t forget, you have to put the largest, heaviest cones on the bottom to make sure this huge piece of equipment doesn’t get top heavy. The two sides you see here are rayons on the right and cottons on the left.cone rack loaded

Here you see more cottons and some cashmere silks. Peeking behind are some mohairs. I probably won’t leave the mohairs on the rack now, nor put on my chenilles. I think those fibers should stay in boxes or on shelves for now to reduce dust they’ll collect till I’m ready to use them again. In the winter I’ll probably reverse who lives where.
more cone rack loaded

Undoubtedly the cone rack will help me get a better idea of what colors I have, and will allow me to play with colors more. Move the cones around and see what looks good together. How many coordinating colors to mix with a few contrasting ones.

Your turn: any color combos you see speak to you in particular?

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