Why is plain weave called tabby?

Margaret asked me a great question in a comment to my post about rigid heddle weaving. The question — why is plain weave called tabby?

I had no idea, so decided to do some googling.

Here’s what wikipedia has to say: “According to the 12th-century geographer al-IdrÄ«sÄ«, the city of Almería in Andalusia manufactured […]

Orange Marmalade

Using my leg-elevated-while-weaving setup, I was able to get some weaving done by working in short spurts.

These scarves were handwoven from that beautiful hand painted yarn from Yarntopia Treasures. Although I got this marvelous color combination in both 100% bamboo and in Tencel, I chose to do the bamboo first. Why? Because it’s […]

More Victorian Ornaments

I can weave some now, but not for hours at a time. When I need to stop and put that leg up, I go back to making my hand beaded Victorian Christmas ornaments.

I just finished these two.

I’m really happy with the ornament on the left, which is over-the-top ornate. I’m calling it […]

Sandra’s Amazing!

I was going to post my latest Victorian ornament today, but then I went and read one of my favorite blogs, by Sandra Bell Lundy. Not only is Sandra a great cartoonist and a terrific artist, she’s just generally an amazing woman.

Do yourself a favor and check out her latest post about her […]

Lavender Cashmere Scarves

These were the last four scarves I finished weaving before the knee surgery.

I’m still finding beaming the fine gauge cashmere-silk blend (6,000 yards/pound) a challenge, so I’m still preparing warp for just two handwoven scarves at a time. This photo therefore represents two separate warps, two separate threadings.

At the far right is […]