More Victorian Ornaments

I can weave some now, but not for hours at a time. When I need to stop and put that leg up, I go back to making my hand beaded Victorian Christmas ornaments.

I just finished these two.

2 Victorian Christmas ornaments

I’m really happy with the ornament on the left, which is over-the-top ornate. I’m calling it Louis XIV for the moment. It’s a good thing I wasn’t keeping track of the number of hours I put into making it — I’m sure it’s huge, with all the netting, and the 66 bi-colored loops. It reminds me of one of those super fancy lamp shades.

On the right is one of my regular double swag patterns. I usually make them with silver-lined bugle beads in various colors, but this time I used an interesting blue opaque bugle that I ordered just for this purpose. Paired with a pearl ceylon seed, I think it turned out great. And I just happened to have some larger focal beads in an identical color to finish the look.

You can see all my Victorian Christmas ornaments, and make purchases if you’d like, on my website.

Your turn: has anything over-the-top come into your life of late?

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