Weaving OCD

I have some obsessive-compulsive behaviors – mostly obsessive. Or maybe it’s just a strong need for closure. In any case, I usually find it helpful, but sometimes it makes life a bit more difficult than it needs to be.

After reporting that my camera wouldn’t flash I did, in fact, google the problem. I’m […]

Glam Shots

I’ve sent in two applications for shows this year. I’m only applying to three this year — between weaving lots of baby wraps and having my house on the market, it seems like about all I can handle, since those 3 applications represent 5 shows. In fact, I worry about producing enough work for these […]

2 more wraps out

Here’s the finished wraps, all ready for mailing, for JJ & PW. J’s is a royal blue cotton weft, and P’s a black tencel weft. They both turned out well. I got them mailed on Monday & my moms, both in California, should have them in their hands today.

Meanwhile I am frustrated. I […]

Making up time

On Thursday I finished weaving PW’s wrap and started on JJ’s, as planned. Here the weft is switching from black tencel to royal blue cotton.

I got about 40″ of JJ’s woven on Thursday. A similar amount woven on Friday morning but then no weaving for the rest of the day. I apparently pinched […]

Winter Weaving

It’s been nothing but winter here for weeks, with more to come. Unless I have other commitments, that makes for good weaving days. Today was one of those days. I got PW’s warp tied on the front apron and wove. Went for my walk and wove. Shoveled a bit and wove.

I got […]