Winter Weaving

It’s been nothing but winter here for weeks, with more to come. Unless I have other commitments, that makes for good weaving days. Today was one of those days. I got PW’s warp tied on the front apron and wove. Went for my walk and wove. Shoveled a bit and wove.

PW's wrap on the loom

I got almost 130″ woven today! I have to say, my favorite part of this warp is the magenta to cream to turquoise to cobalt section. Not only do I love the way those colors play together, I like the fact that the cream, which draws your eye, is off center in the warp.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a bunch colder, so I’ll probably finish weaving this wrap and start on JJ’s.

It looks like I’ll have another lag before the yarn comes in for the next batch of baby wraps, so I’ll be able to get some of ‘my’ weaving done. That is, weave some more items for shows. I have some ideas and the yarn in house to implement them, so I have hopes that they’ll work out.

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