I got the warp measured for the wraps for JM & AA. When I was drafting the image in my weaving software I had real doubts about the colors. I always encourage my moms to order a sample card so they can see the actual yarns and not rely on computer monitors, and I was […]

(Not) Thanksgiving

According to the calendar, today’s Thanksgiving. For me & my family, it’s still a few days away. We often celebrate on alternate days to make it work for everyone’s schedule.

So I did some stuff yesterday & today in advance of our holiday celebration.

I finished weaving those rayon chenille scarves in 2 reds and […]

Toy Magic

After finishing the mouse family I knit this cute snowman – about 6″ to the top of his pom pom.

And this tree, just a bit shorter.

What’s this?

The tree’s inside the snowman?

Yep. Knitted together, one comprehensive piece.

Great concept! This is just one of several toys in […]


Wondering what I’ve been doing instead of blogging?

I got the needed decisions from my next baby wrap moms and did all the time-consuming calculations to determine what exactly I needed to order. Then I got the cotton ordered for the next two warps – 26 tubes of it. I should have it by […]

A new plan?

I spent some time on the computer planning a rayon chenille turned taquete. I thought I wanted blue, but at the show last weekend I realized what I really needed was reds. So I started a new computer plan with reds. All in all, I probably spent 2 hours of planning time.

Got the warp […]