A new plan?

I spent some time on the computer planning a rayon chenille turned taquete. I thought I wanted blue, but at the show last weekend I realized what I really needed was reds. So I started a new computer plan with reds. All in all, I probably spent 2 hours of planning time.

Got the warp measured, beamed, threaded, and tied on the front apron. Started weaving. I hate it. I hate it when I used the 4 colors in the warp. I hate it when I tried a black warp both with the taquete treadling and tabby treadling. The purple – the only purple I have – is way too strong for the 2 reds and the orange.

rayon chenille taquete

As is my usual in cases like this, I walked away from the loom for a whole day, returning a few times to look at it again and see if I’d change my mind. I didn’t. So I started thinking about whether there was something I could do to save the warp or if I should simply cut the whole warp off and not waste my time as well as my materials.

Here’s what I’m thinking…because this warp was planned to be a turned taquete I sett it at 24 ends per inch. For plain weave I sett my rayon chenille warps at 18 ends per inch. So if I pull all the purple threads (39 ends), I’ll still have 200 ends – 20 more than I usually use in my rayon chenille scarves. So I could pull 20 of the orange ends, too. If I do it in a semi-random fashion it’ll probably look better. Then I’ll have to re-thread heddles and reed.

That means I start by re-inserting my lease sticks to re-establish the cross. But not today.

Today I’m knitting some little amigurumi toys for my grandson for Christmas. I’m into it. This may not look like much now, but it’s parts for a family of 3 mice with hats.

knitted mouse parts

Then Thursday & Friday I’ll be helping Pfeiffer Nature Center by decorating wreaths – it’s their 2nd largest fund raiser and, for me, the one that’s really fun.

I might have some time on Thursday and/or Friday evening to start this warp fix. And it might just work. Or not.

3 comments to A new plan?

  • Alma

    OK, I give up – what’s a taquete?

    I’ve hit the Christmas mood, myself!!

    • Peg Cherre

      Alma – You can see my turned taquete towels here: And don’t feel bad ‘cuz you don’t know the term — no one in my fiber arts guild did, either! It won’t help when I tell you that it’s Summer & Winter without the tabby, will it? That’s ok, that definition only helped a few of my guild members.

      You know, Ellie, I’ve learned (I hope) that I need to weave what makes me happy. I’ve worked with rayon chenille enough to have a good sense of how beautifully it finishes, and in fact I considered cutting a sample off the loom and wet finishing to see if it would improve enough, but decided that the best it could do for my eye was become marginally acceptable — not good enough.

      I’ve inserted my lease sticks and I’ll see how a modification of that warp works. If I’m still not happy, it’ll all go in the garbage. Live and learn, that’s what weaving, and life, is all about.

  • Ellie

    Call me crazy but I like it. Wondering if you might like it better knowing that the scarf “drapes” and falls into a “pattern” that differs from the flat view of fabric on the loom before cutting off and fringing. Just a thought. Love the idea of turned taquete and chenille.

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