Comfy Cozy

I got a special order for a baby blanket. From a grandma. I asked questions about colors, fibers, sizes, and so forth, and grandma consulted with mom to make sure we’d get it right. The decision was cotton flannel in a custom dyed blend.

So of course I went to Tammy, my wizard with […]

Cotton Flannel Shawls

At the Kenan show I sold 2 shawls and donated a 3rd as a door prize. I only had one shawl left, so making some more was a big priority before the Roycroft.

As soon as I got home I ordered some lovely undyed silk, but it hasn’t arrived yet, and won’t get here in […]

Organizing the Weaving Studio

This past weekend was the annual Allegany Artisans studio tour. The 22nd year for the Artisans, it was my first time with this group. I took off the week before to prepare.

Ok, mostly to clean my house. A task I despise, I always put it off as long as possible. Obviously, now was […]

The Baby Blanket is Done!

Completed handwoven baby blanket

It was the first time I’d warped my loom for two baby blankets, and I was a bit anxious about how well it would work.

Things went fine for the first half of the first blanket. Then an entire section of the warp threads started getting far too loose. […]

Woven Baby Blanket, Part 2

Cotton flannel on warping board

From cone to warping board, I got the 360 threads measured for my cotton flannel handwoven baby blanket.

Next steps: tie the warp onto the back beam, thread the heddles, and thread the reed. (With 360 threads, this is a time consuming process, but if you don’t enjoy each […]