My daughter convinced me to enter a photo in the Snap Local, Snap Fresh online contest. Designed to encourage and support the local food movement, winners will receive prizes from the NY Wine & Culinary Center in Canandaigua — a very cool place.

This is asparagus grown in my garden. I’ve had a bed […]

Rayon Chenille Log Cabin

Back in March when I was doing the bamboo log cabin weaves, I thought I wanted to try it with handwoven rayon chenille. At that time I was weaving more for spring and summer, so rayon chenille had to wait.

I finally had a chance to try it. These scarves are in gold and […]

Weaving Still Life

Initially I was not excited by Carmi’s photographic challenge this week – still life. After all, my kitchen table is ALWAYS a mess, and since it’s an old-fashioned red formica, it’s not at all conducive to most photographs. Then while I was weaving this morning, I got an “aha” flash. Set it up on […]

Handwoven Cottons

Again, even though I wasn’t blogging for a week, I sure was weaving. I wanted to have plenty of fall options for my show last weekend, so Tammy worked her magic quickly and got me some beautiful Egyptian cotton and bamboo-cotton blend yarn.

With the Egyptian cotton, I threaded the 4 harness counterbalance loom in […]

Macomber Threading Made Easier

Back in mid-August when I used the 8 harness Macomber loom to weave some cashmere silk scarves in a diamond huck lace pattern, I spent LOTS of extra time on threading those heddles because I made LOTS of threading errors. I’m so used to threading my beautiful 4 harness loom with Texsolv heddles that I […]