Post, posting, posted

I reported in my last post that I’d made some marketing decisions: to reactivate my Etsy shop and to open a Facebook account for my business. I have now done both. I’ve put a Social Media link at the top of my page, and I hope that you’ll stop by both places.

I’m […]

Some weaving progress

For the last few weeks I’ve been spending lots of hours in front of my computer. Not my favorite way to spend my time, but needed right now.

I’m back to working on my Certificate of Excellence (COE), and in addition to 40 woven samples, it requires lots of written work, too. I feel like […]

Glam shots

This morning I pressed the hand painted silk scarves and the sample for the COE. (Realized after I’d put away the iron and ironing board that I haven’t yet pressed those cotton & linen towels. Next time.)

I tried a variety of locations and layouts to photograph things outside in the shady natural light. Mostly […]

Martha & me

I wasn’t lost in the process for the past week, but rather taking a mini-vacation, visiting a wonderful friend from high school who lives in West Virginia. No weaving, no gardening, no work. Lots of great food, wonderful conversation, and laughter. Back on the home front…

I remember many years ago when I saw Martha […]

Update x 3

The calendar said April but it was still winter outside.

Inside the studio, it was all spring. The colors of these wraps are so positive and cheerful.

LV received her wrap on Wednesday, and immediately did a tandem wrap with her daughter and a friend!

On another front entirely, I completed my […]