So many not-weaving tasks

Today is a day for doing many business-related tasks that are not weaving.

One of my fellow artisans kindly pointed out that the black knit dress Dolly (my mannequin) wears at shows looks like granny, while I want to attract younger women to my booth. So I made a few stops at thrift […]

Silken Dreams

Aside from my baby wraps, all of which are custom orders, I sell the overwhelming majority of my hand weaving at juried art & craft shows. So far this year I’ve only had one show, in East Aurora with my fellow Roycroft Artisans. Although I didn’t sell many pieces, those that I did sell were […]

1 Warp, 2 Different Wraps

I’m so glad I decided to cut off & toss that problem wrap last month. Weaving KC’s & CW’s wraps on the newly-wound warp was a piece of cake – a pleasure.

It went so well, in fact, that they’re off the loom, hemmed, washed & dried. I still have to hard press & label, […]

Not Zen

Many people – weavers and non-weavers alike – think of weaving as a Zen-like experience. Throw the shuttle, beat, throw the shuttle, beat, throw the shuttle, beat. The rhythm and simplicity of the movements do have that potential.

For me, a relatively small amount of time is in Zen mode. Because I tend to do […]

Real Progress

I’m making real progress in my weaving. I’ll likely be finished weaving KC’s custom baby wrap today. Then I’ll start with CW’s.

It was definitely the right thing to do to throw away the first, messed up warp. This one is working so smoothly it’s a pleasure to weave.

The sun is shining today, […]