Handwoven Silk Scaves

I’ve been weaving for six years. In weaverly terms, that’s really nothing. I read articles, blogs, and posts on Weavolution by women and men who’ve been at this craft/art for half a century. Heck, my first weaving class was taught by a man in his 80’s who learned to weave rag rugs as a boy […]

Finishing Scarves and Other Tasks

Since you only got to see the drall scarves on the loom, I thought it would be nice to show you the finished scarves all at once. This way you can see the color differences between the three scarves and you also get to see how nicely they drape after wet finishing and pressing.


Reworking The Warp

After deciding to unweave the 210+ rows of the attempted curves with the purple rayon, I rethreaded the loom in an Ms & Ws pattern. I’ve used it plenty of times before and know I like it, and didn’t want to take another chance on a new pattern.

First, treadling in a traditional Ms […]

Handwoven Egyptian Cotton Scarves

I really do pay attention to what my customers, and potential customers, say they want. At the Kenan show, I had some requests for more cotton scarves. I don’t usually do a lot with cotton other than my lace, because personally, I prefer the feel and drape of rayon & bamboo. I sure do want […]

Ms & Ws Rayon Scarves

After making a mess of the warp, I figured I should show you the good news…the story of a happy warp.

It started with several cones of a lovely, shimmery lightweight rayon yarn. Orange, gold, light green, and dark green, then back down to orange again. (I used up one of the orange cones, so […]