Ms & Ws Rayon Scarves

After making a mess of the warp, I figured I should show you the good news…the story of a happy warp.

It started with several cones of a lovely, shimmery lightweight rayon yarn. Orange, gold, light green, and dark green, then back down to orange again.
fall rayon yarn on cones (I used up one of the orange cones, so you don’t see it at the right end.)

Here it is on the warping board. Of course, this is when I wound twice as much as I needed, but it gives you a great view of how the colors look together.
fall rayon yarn on warping board

You saw the mess I created when I went to put this too-wide warp on the loom. After I fixed it, I threaded the loom in an M & W pattern.
M&W weaving draft

I then wove the three scarves using a nice burgundy weft. I love the look of these scarves. As much now as I did when I first wove them last year. I made 2 last year with this burgundy weft, and one with dark green, and they flew off my display the first day I put them out. Since I much prefer the burgundy weft, that’s the only color I did this time. After all, it is all about what I like, isn’t it? 🙂

I still have to finish the fringe and then wet finish the scarves, hopefully tomorrow.
fall M&W handwoven rayon scarf

I plan to apply to be a Roycroft Artisan this year. Pictures have to be in to them by March 1, and then they need to get finished pieces in April. I want one of these scarves to be in both the photos and the finished pieces. The challenge now will be getting a good picture of it. I had a lot of trouble getting the colors even close to right on the loom, and I’m still not happy with it, and don’t know that it’ll be any easier after it’s wet finished. Add to that rayon’s sheen bouncing the light around, and I know I’ll have to work at getting a good photo for jurying.

This one shows the colors up better, but I don’t think it’s the image I want to use for jurying.
fall & burgundy M&W scarf
It does show how wonderfully soft the scarf is, and what a great drape it has, but somehow doesn’t strike me as right. I still think it looks so much better in person. Not sure how I’ll proceed.

12 comments to Ms & Ws Rayon Scarves

  • Holly

    Beautiful! Do you mind me asking what sett you used? I’m getting ready to work with 8/2 ringspun rayon for the first time.

  • Margaret

    Your m and w woven scarves are just beautiful,
    Could you tell me what the tie up pattern for m and w is
    Thankyou Margaret

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Margaret. In the middle of the post I have an image that shows threading, tieup, & treadling. This is a standard Ms & Ws pattern, available from many sources.

  • Kristopher

    This scarf is beautiful! The warp stripes are lovely in themselves. But with the darker orange weft pattern it all ties together great. And I love how the weft color interacts visually with the different warps.

    I found your post while doing a search for M’s & W’s Twill. I’m pretty much a beginner, but I now I definitely want to try M’s & W’s.

    A question: Where do you get your rayon yarn? I can’t find any place online with so many colors in rayon. I like working with rayon but need more colors. A referral would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Peg Cherre

      Kristopher – Thanks for your comments and compliments. I purchased this yarn, and most of my solid color rayon yarn, from EarthGuild in Asheville, NC. It’s their Dragon Tale yarn and is a great quality.

    • Kristopher

      Thanks, Peg. Yes, I’ve been using all the Dragon Tale yarns. Now that I look closer at your photos I see exactly which colors you used. I do love the feel and colors, and it’s easy to work with. I guess for more color options I need to expand into using bamboo and tencel, even though not in 5/2.

      Looking at the photos again — Wow, that’s beautiful, elegant fiber art!
      Peace & happy holidays!

    • Peg Cherre

      Kristopher – My other main source for solid color yarn is Halcyon. You might want to try some beautiful handpainted yarn from Yarntopia Treasures; Tammy either has or can get just about any size and fiber you want.

  • Oh these are just fabulous! I love the colors! Wowzer!

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks, Shannon & Judy. This scarf drew lots of admiring looks (& feels) this weekend, but no takers. We’ll see how the Roycroft Artisans feel about it as part of my application.

  • This is really very nice scarves and its color also wonderful

    Good Post…

  • Judy

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL Peg! What a good selection for your Roycroft Artisan entry.

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