Healing Jewelry

When I think of healing, several things come to mind: making my aching knees feel better, improving my mental attitude, and helping to improve life in my community and in the world.

I believe that our thoughts and words make almost as much of a difference as our actions.

Put negative thoughts and intentions […]

Moss Agate – A Springtime Gemstone

Being an avid gardener, early spring is absolutely, without question my favorite season. It makes me really happy to be outside in the cool weather, clean up a portion of my many gardens, and see all the tiny little noses of green and pink poking through the soil. Lots of people would look at the […]

Free Healing Gemstone Talisman Contest

Moss Agate Talisman

As promised, this month I’m holding a contest. If you win, you’ll get a free healing gemstone talisman – totally free. I’ll pay for regular USPS shipping, too. In honor of spring, this month’s free talisman will be moss agate – a very earthy stone. I’ll post about the healing properties […]