Moss Agate – A Springtime Gemstone

Being an avid gardener, early spring is absolutely, without question my favorite season. It makes me really happy to be outside in the cool weather, clean up a portion of my many gardens, and see all the tiny little noses of green and pink poking through the soil. Lots of people would look at the gardens and say that there’s nothing to see, but that’s not how I think of it. Those germs of plants become the gems of late spring and summer. Although the blossoms are indeed gorgeous and bring me lots of pleasure, the thrill of seeing the spring buds is a more personal joy – something that I enjoy just for me, not to share with others.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate

For centuries, springtime has been associated with fertility. I think that’s how the whole bunny thing came about – ya know, multiplying like rabbits. Birds and bees, salamanders and insects, everything’s in love in spring. Or at least in lust.

Moss agate is a great healing gemstone for spring. Its blend of greens and whites not only physically resemble the shades of the season, moss agate’s properties are in keeping with spring, too. Carry a moss agate talisman with you to enhance your fertility and prosperity, promote restoration and healing, and draw in abundance. Moss agate has also been used to build confidence and strength, to strengthen a connection with nature, and to help turn negative patterns in to positive ones.

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