4 days, 11 scarves

I can tell when I’m getting really close to a show ‘cuz the ‘I’m not ready’ frenzy hits. The fact that I’ve been sitting on my butt perhaps compounded it a bit this time.

Anyway, in a four-day weekend I wound 3 warps, beamed them, and wove them off for a total of 11 scarves. […]

Nothing doing

My sales have been slower than usual so far this year. That’s both the bad news and the good news. Good because it’s given me breathing room, time and space to take slow down.

So what have I been doing for the past several weeks? I’d like to report that my garden is weeded, or […]

The Most Amazing Loom

I just saw a photo of the most amazing loom ever! I rarely do this, but must share it with my readers.

Someone in NH is selling this loom on CraigsList. A woodworker & weaver should jump on this!

I know I’ve never seen a loom this beautiful.


Summer Veggies

Isn’t it funny how our minds work? Into my 40s I still thought I was flexible. Experience had taught me that I really only like change that’s my idea – change that’s thrust upon me isn’t always welcomed.

The other day I was talking to my neighbor who was telling me she’d made ratatouille […]

Weaving Rayon Shawls

Other than the Community Weaving Project, I haven’t posted anything I’ve woven in quite a while For one thing, I haven’t been weaving frantically, as I often do, because my slow sales have taken the pressure off me. I’m enjoying the slower pace. It’s given me a chance to relax a bit, do some reading, […]