Handwoven Wearables

Handwoven wearables are a great way to show your style. I individually design and weave each piece, one at a time, on one of my vintage weaving looms. I often dye the fibers before I start, as part of the planning process, making the finished product even more special.

My handwoven garments are unique. I rarely weave more than two items the same way, with the same colors and patterns. In fact, once a piece is off the loom, I could rarely re-create it even if asked. The colors, fibers, size, weave structure, and finishing are unlikely to be available to me; certainly not if the fiber was hand dyed.

The items on this page were available in early 2020. When an item is marked as SOLD, you can use it as an example, a style, an idea to help you work with me for a custom design, or to ask for any new pieces that haven’t yet made it to the website.

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To stay current, you may want to follow me on Facebook, where photos of new work show up, or join my Fan Page for more info. My blog is updated most frequently, and generally has more in-process photos than finished pieces.