Faster than fast

The last 3 warps I wove were slow. First was the 8 harness shadow weave. Two colors in the weft = 2 shuttles = slow weaving.

Next up was the brown silk, in which I had to hand insert sequins into every 56th pick for the length of the scarf.

Third was the little […]

This and that

Recently I made a few winter salads that I really liked. The first one had quinoa, kale, roasted sweet potato and sunflower seeds with a maple vinaigrette dressing. I added chopped apple, which was great on day 1, but made everything too sweet as the salad aged.

Next up was barley, kale, pomegranate, and […]

Dyeing to share

Upfront acknowledgement: long post with lots of pics.

We’ve been quite fortunate on the snow front. Didn’t get dumped on anything like some other people. About 8″ in one day was our max, but on that day it came down fast and Jack’s short little legs had difficulty on our walks.

I had […]

Go Around Again!

When my kids were little we read a lot of picture story books. One of their favorite books (but not mine) was Go, Dog, Go. Like all easy readers, there are several recurring sentences. One I liked was, “Do you like my hat?” A favorite of my son was, “Go around again!” (I’m not going […]

A video attempt

After 4 days of no weaving I’m back at it.

Jack is completely useless when it comes to taking a video of me weaving. I think it’s only because he’s short; I’m sure he’d be happy to help if he could get up high enough to do a good job. I tried simply using my […]