A video attempt

After 4 days of no weaving I’m back at it.

Jack is completely useless when it comes to taking a video of me weaving. I think it’s only because he’s short; I’m sure he’d be happy to help if he could get up high enough to do a good job. I tried simply using my tripod and my camera, but I couldn’t get a decent angle and you really couldn’t see what I was doing. I ended up balancing the tripod on my warping valet and my shelves of stash.

balancing the tripod

After some adjustments, it worked reasonably well, although you saw a lot of my hair. An actual human videographer would have focused on my hands and the loom.

I’ve done a video or two before, but it’s been a while and I forgot how to do the upload thing to YouTube, which is what you need to do…you can’t upload a video directly to the blog. At least I can’t.

I tried to edit out the last frame where you see me reach up to turn off the camera, but apparently don’t know how.

This scarf is an example of a happy ‘accident.’ I wanted to use the same medium brown silk for the weft as I used for the majority of the warp. I did my calculations and figured I’d have just barely enough IF I wove only 1 scarf. Not an efficient use of time, but I really wanted that color, so figured I’d bite the bullet and do it. I set off winding the warp, and all of a sudden…what the heck?!! I was at the end of the yarn! Fortunately I had enough to finish the warp, but only a few yards that might be used for weft. I wasn’t at all sure how I’d like the scarf with the only other brown I had as weft…much darker. As it turns out, it’s just fine, and might have been too bright with the same weft color. I tried to get a good photo to show you, but the color isn’t even close to actual, so I let it go.

So how did I go so wrong in my calculations on this one? I forgot to take the weight of the cone into account, a mistake I rarely make. It makes a big difference, especially when the cones are small and the yarn is light.

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