Fiber to fabric

Going from the threads in my last post to fabric — it’s sort of magic, isn’t it?

This morning I cut WL & JC’s wraps off the loom. Here they are ready to be hemmed & wet finished. I’m ready to get right to it while I have good daylight, even if it is […]

Crazy Eights

New weavers pretty universally hate the process of warping the loom. I used to, too, but no more. In fact, doing all the planning, calculating, measuring, beaming, and threading is the most creative part of the weaving process. At least for many weavers. Those who do saori or other more freeform types of weaving […]

I made it

In these days of instant information, most of what lands in my physical mailbox isn’t worth spending much time on. But yesterday I got this envelope. I knew it had important information for me.

I am not a person who waits well. The teenager in me still craves instant gratification. In fact, when […]

I’d forgotten

It’s been so long since I’ve woven lace, I’d forgotten just how much I like this weaving. Especially as scarves — they thread quickly, treadle easily, and the weaving just goes so fast! Plus I’m back on my sweet little counterbalance loom.

I used a variegated cotton warp and solid-colored rayon wefts, 2 in […]

Hills & Valleys

It’ll be at least 3 or 4 days until the yarn for the next baby wraps arrive. So in the meantime I’m weaving some scarves. I really need to weave a bunch of new stuff for my summer shows.

I decided to try a pattern I’ve been wanting to do for some time from […]