Hills & Valleys

It’ll be at least 3 or 4 days until the yarn for the next baby wraps arrive. So in the meantime I’m weaving some scarves. I really need to weave a bunch of new stuff for my summer shows.

I decided to try a pattern I’ve been wanting to do for some time from Carol Strickler’s 8 Shaft Patterns book. I really liked it in draft form (#169).

hills & valleys weaving draft

I know I need some more blues in my stock, so I measured out baby blue tencel for the warp & got the loom set up. I’m using navy for the weft. I have to say, I like the draft better than the actual weaving. The colors are not even close to being accurate in this photo.

hills & valleys scarf

I like it better when I’m far away from it — or in the photo — than when I’m sitting at the loom. I’m hoping I like it more after it’s wet finished. I’ll probably do another scarf with this tie up & treadling, but a different weft color. This one doesn’t send me.

This draft is also a challenging treadling pattern…it’s 128 pics long, and I have to really concentrate to not mess up. I actually think I did mess up in the beginning, but I wasn’t positive so didn’t want to unweave.

I got PK’s wraps all finished and in today’s mail. On the left is dark mauve cotton weft, on the right is shell tencel.

PK's wraps rolled

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