Busy weekend

I was very busy this weekend. I finished those rayon chenille shawls, did the billing, took some finished photos and got them packaged up for mailing. I really struggled with the photos for these pieces. Either the purple was way off or the green was. Mostly the green looked like black in the photos, and […]

2,500 picks

Every endeavor has its own language. In weaving, a pick has 3 components:

Step on a treadle to open a shed (moving threads up and down – presumes a floor loom; table looms are a bit different); Throw the shuttle, sending the yarn through that shed ; Pull the beater bar forward, packing in […]

I’m loving it!

I had a bit of tie-up issue at the beginning and had to take out about an inch of weaving and restart, but I am loving this warp!

amethyst to iris side of the shawl

So much so that I wish I could have warped for four shawls, not just the two […]

Amethyst to Emerald

Although I’m still doing some off-loom work on those baby wraps, I decided my brain needed me to wind the warp for my next order. This started with an order for one rayon chenille shawl, but I have subsequently added an order for the second one on this warp. I’ve learned through experience that when […]

80 inches of snow

Unlike people in other parts of the country, the 80″ of snow I saw today were only in my weaving studio. 🙂

I finished weaving the last few inches of KY’s wrap this morning. Then I had to change the tie up and weaving pattern. I have a touchy left knee, and I’d strained […]