False starts

Moving forward on KY’s custom baby wrap, I got bout 4 wound. Not 4 colors like I’d said in my last post, but 3: chambray, bleu cobalt and bleu moyen.

Next step is to get it on the loom. I always do this under tension, using my version of a warping valet. (Unending thanks […]

Round and round we go

I just finished the last of my Christmas gifts this morning. Whew! I’ll be sharing them on Sunday, so can do a post with my gift handiwork next week.

So yesterday afternoon I took a break and wound bout 1 of KY’s custom baby wrap. Honestly, my body was not used to how […]

New Year Looms, 2017

Following a pattern established by Meg over at Unraveling, even though she’s apparently not playing the game this year, I took shots of my looms as they stood on New Year’s Day, 2017. In no particular order….

This is a shot of the treadles of my Macomber. I like this angle, even the fact that […]