Woven Baby Blanket, Part 2

Cotton flannel on warping board

From cone to warping board, I got the 360 threads measured for my cotton flannel handwoven baby blanket.

Next steps: tie the warp onto the back beam, thread the heddles, and thread the reed. (With 360 threads, this is a time consuming process, but if you don’t enjoy each […]

May Contest Winner

Handmade Sterling Earrings

Charlene from Olean, NY is the winner of the handmade sterling silver earrings. When learning that she won, Charlene wrote, “WOW! I’m not usually a lucky person when it comes to drawings these earrings will be extra special. Not just for the luck that goes with them but because of […]

Doubleweave on a Counterbalance Loom

My little loom

I have a vintage, handmade floor loom that I love. I knew very little when I bought it, and lucked into this loom that is just right for me.

It does have its limitations, however, as it’s a counterbalance loom. That means that the harnesses really have to be in […]

May Contest Winner

I know you’re all dying to know who won the May contest. Well, I’d love to announce the winner, but I’m waiting for her to respond to my email. So everyone who commented – check your email to see if you got one from me. Perhaps I fell into your spam as an unknown?

I […]

Weaving For Babies

Wordplay is fun. The title might make someone (from another planet) think that this post was about babies learning to weave. In fact, it’s about weaving things for babies to use, specifically handwoven baby blankets.

When I first got my lovely floor loom a few years ago, I was a weaving newbie, or baby, if […]