At loose ends

If you’ve ever bought a house and moved, you know there’s plenty of hurry up & wait that goes on. I’ve been packing a bit at a time for weeks, and am down to not being able to do much more till I have an firm close date and move date. I’ve already been […]

A Thing of Beauty

Ever since I bought my first loom, I’ve been weaving with the shuttle that came with it. It’s an old LeClerc shuttle, and it fits my hand well and is soooo nice and light.

I’ve purchased 2 new LeClerc shuttles, but the closed bottom one was too heavy so I returned it. (I never would […]

Earth mother & a moving tip

I got the last 3 Friendship-made wraps woven, hemmed, washed, dried, pressed, and labeled. One was mailed yesterday, the other 2 will be today or tomorrow. They are very earthy colors of mostly greens, brown, and tans. The impact on the brown isn’t so noticeable, but isn’t it amazing how different the greens look […]

More, more, more

More of the same – more packing and more weaving. I’m very happy with my progress on both fronts. The dining room turned jewelry-making studio turned office and cotton storage has 2 more boxes to go. One I can’t pack till I’m done with the baby wraps and can pack up all that cotton; the […]

Packing & weaving

About 2 years ago my middle sister moved after decades in her house. She’s given me lots of cool tips about how to make the move go more smoothly. One is to do color coding. Put a colored piece of paper on each box, and key it to a piece of colored paper on the […]