August Contest – Perseids

I am fascinated by the night sky. I’m also consistently amazed at how little I understand about it, but that’s another topic.

I live far from the madding crowd, so the sky offers itself to me easily. Every August we have a meteor shower called Perseids, so named because it appears to originate in the […]


This week’s Carmi challenge is elemental. I really like this picture of the little springtime waterfall taken near my house.

Woogie Wins!

Gavin with old & new blankets

I was SOOOO happy to get this message from mama Catilin: “The ‘new blankie’ has officially been accepted into my son’s life. He now must have both with him all the time, especially at bed time. On top of that, he seems content having only the new […]

My grandson visits

My daughter brought my grandson down to visit me this Sunday. Although I’ve visited him often enough at his house in the city, and keep up with his daily antics on his blog, it was the first time Baxter had been down to my house in the country. We were all looking forward to it.



Carmi of