August Contest – Perseids

I am fascinated by the night sky. I’m also consistently amazed at how little I understand about it, but that’s another topic.

I live far from the madding crowd, so the sky offers itself to me easily. Every August we have a meteor shower called Perseids, so named because it appears to originate in the constellation Perseus. If I knew what that constellation looked like or where in the sky it was located, it’d finding those meteors easier, but my yard offers a limited view of the sky before trees & hills block my view, so I simply pay attention to the sky I can see.

Anyway, a few years ago we had a stellar event of a lifetime. The Perseids shower was remarkably active, and it was during a new moon (e.g. no moon), so the sky was dark enough to see them all. It was easy to see several shooting stars every minute for hours on end.

Perseids earrings

Perseids earrings

This remarkable Perseids shower inspired jewelry in me. And since this is August and that’s when the Perseids occur, this month’s contest winner will get a free pair of my Perseids earrings. They’re sterling silver with little stars of manmade hematite (the gray ones) and cat’s eye (the white ones).

So how do you enter?

Simply leave me a comment about your life this summer. Talk about whether the weather has impacted on your enjoyment of this season, or the best summer moon you ever saw, or whether you’re taking a vacation or a staycation, or just about anything that tickles your fancy. I’ll put the names into a hat, and draw the winner on August 22. You won’t have your lovely earrings in time for this year’s Perseids peak (August 12), but they’ll be fun and starry in your ears year round.

If you can’t wait for the contest and MUST have the earrings, with or without their coordinating necklace, in time for the Perseids this year, contact me to purchase them.

9 comments to August Contest – Perseids

  • Just made blackberry and blueberry jams last night. I never realized you posted a comment on my blog asking what the blue flowers next to the leeks were (fixed that problem by having comments to old posts e-mailed to me). I don’t know what they are and a wildflower site i checked didn’t help me identify the flower. I have a post (August-Wild) that shows many wildflowers. I too enjoy the meteor shower when i’m able to see it. Good luck this weekend. Valerie

  • Kristen Swing

    The weather has not (negatively) impacted my enjoyment of the season because we recently got central air. I am pregnant so I really appreciate hibernating in-doors on the very hot days! of course I still take little Sarah out for walks in the neighborhood. I also enjoy watering my front and back gardens. Sarah loves to help me water and “sniff” the flowers.

    Love the earrings!

  • Judy T

    This summer has been a wonderous thing for me…. making me remember my summers as a child…spending hours rocking on the backyard hammock reading a book or daydreaming, turning on the sprinkler and then “accidently” getting soaked by it on a hot summer day, walking up to the neighborhood custard stand for a mid-day treat (the same one that my sisters and I frequented many years ago as small children), lying on the cool grass under a tree to watch the shapes in the clouds as they lazily pass overhead, walking to the neighborhood library to check out it’s offerings, rowing a boat on the lake at the same park I played in as a child, spending time in my quiet yard just looking at the flowers and watching the bees and butterflies hover over them…. How is it that this summer managed to take me back to my childhood when the summers lasted forever? The answer to that one is simple – I retired.

    ps – your earrings are spectacular as are all of your wonderful designs. See you at Allentown…

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  • Peg Cherre

    Thanks, Meagan & Kay, for your kind comments about my work, and for visiting my booth in Hornell, and sharing your summer thoughts with us here.

    Thanks to you, Jean, for your continued insights into life on the other side of the world.

  • kay thomas

    My summer has been one of unexpected pleasures and rewards, one of which was visiting your booth at the Hornell Arts Festival, and seeing your handcrafted items. You piece of jewelry favoring Perseids of the night sky was a delicate reminder of how fragile our earth’s balance really is today. Art is an expression of one’s love for the universe, and while I use writing to explore mine, you are engaging your senses in another way to achieve that same purpose.
    Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  • Meagan McGinty

    I went to the art festival in hornell today and I love your art! Im happy to get to know it time for perseids, I hate it when I miss the best showers.
    The earings are fabulous, I have a tattoo of some shooting stars that I saw in the Redwood forest in California, a great big red one and a big blue one falling together.
    Anyway, I do happed to be on a staycation as you say. I hope. If I can find a job!!! But it is beautiful here and my sister and her family are here and they are my favorite people anywhere so I gotta make it work!
    -thanks for making fun contest!

  • These earrings are so beautiful, Peg. And so very professional of you to show the measurement at the side so that we know exactly how big it is!

    Summer in this part of the world means April-May, especially since in Bangalore most of the other months are on the cooler side (it is fast changing now, though!). June-Aug season is the Monsoons, when it rains cats, dogs and a variety of other animals. So, though you have asked to comment on “life this summer”, I am banking on “just about anything that tickles your fancy” to enter this contest!

    Okay, here we go! In India Aug-Nov period signifies a season of festivals and holidays. Beginning with the Independence Day on Aug 15, followed by Onam, Dussehra, Navaratri, Diwali – the list is long. During this period schools, colleges and offices will be closed very frequently for one or other of these festivals. People would have already started booking tickets to different places to spend their holidays. I am looking forward to two short vacations – in early September and first week of October. At least one of them should materialise! Next week, for the Independence day programs at school, my son is doing some activity (I am not sure what he is doing – gotta ask his teacher!)

    So you see how well I deserve these earrings – I can wear them at all these occasions 😉

  • My summer is flying by as most summers do and blah blah blah.
    Let’s cut to the chase, shall we. Your Perseid necklace and earrings are a stellar design, one of my favorites from your jewelry collection. So the heck with my summer; I’m REALLY here to take a shot at nabbing a pair of earrings.I’m shallow but don’t hold it against me.

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