Christmas Reveal #1

I’m sure you’re dying to see what I was working on so feverishly for Christmas gifts. There are many, so I’m going to do the reveal in a few posts that are logically (to me, anyway) grouped.

The most exciting presents were made for Amanda & Ryan, who are expecting their first child next summer. […]

It’s Christmas!

Unlike most people, and myself most years, my grand Christmas gift exchange isn’t taking place this morning, but rather this evening and tomorrow. I therefore still can’t post any pictures of the gifts I’ve made. Just know that I didn’t finish making the last one till about 11:00AM today, December 25.

How did that happen? […]

It’s a Dixie Christmas

Just a quick post (really busy still making Christmas presents instead of blogging)…

Michael sent me this great photo of his bloodhound, Dixie, all spruced up for Christmas.

Best I can figure from long-distance reports, Dixie has two modes – this one, and a bit of bullheaded action. God forbid she should listen to […]

Knitted Mug Cozies

When I’m not weaving, I work for Pfeiffer Nature Center. It’s really a fine place to work, with the most amazing group of volunteers I’ve ever known. The most active of those volunteers are the 13 members of the Board of Directors. As a small token of my appreciation for everything they do all year, […]

More Bulky Organic Cotton

By the time I had the scarf and hat done for my customer with the chemical sensitivities, I was really into working with that thick, soft, warm yarn. So I had to weave something else!

I warped the loom for only 2 scarves. I had a show coming up that I wanted to bring them […]