Finishing Scarves and Other Tasks

Since you only got to see the drall scarves on the loom, I thought it would be nice to show you the finished scarves all at once. This way you can see the color differences between the three scarves and you also get to see how nicely they drape after wet finishing and pressing.


Back at the Mac

I’m really becoming very good friends with my Macomber loom. I’m more comfortable with everything about it, from warping it to threading the heddles, doing the tie up to dancing across the treadles. So I decided to go for it and do another pattern I’ve been admiring for some time and wanted to try.

Like […]

Not the Same

You may recall that back when I was watching my grandson for a week I brought the Missouri loom with me, with a rayon warp already wound on the back beam. Without thinking about it, I had warped it with enough length for four huck lace scarves. In solid black. Black is clearly the most […]

Finishing First

I’m so proud of my son. He’s smart, he’s hard working, he’s as nice as they come, he’s humble, he’s funny…I could continue, but I won’t. Last summer he decided he’d completely had his fill of working in the restaurant industry so took a huge leap, quit his job & went to school. He graduated […]

Unfavorite Tasks

Have I mentioned before that one of my least favorite tasks is tagging my finished pieces? Probably.

It’s true. I wish I had someone else to do this job for me. For every scarf, baby blanket, and towel I have to print tags, cut them to size, measure the piece, write down the size, […]