Green Garnet Necklace

Although the overwhelming majority of my time this year has been spent weaving, for my September and October shows I was showing both weaving and jewelry. I hadn’t really made any jewelry this year, so needed to get those creative juices flowing. I started by making some simple pieces, and then moved on to new […]

Garnet Weddings

When I was a girl the nuns taught us that red was the passion color. We were not allowed to have red & white checked tablecloths on the tables at our high school dances, nor to wear red dresses, for fear that we would stir our teenage dates into states of love that could not […]

Easing the Knees

My arthritis talisman

Here’s the talisman I made for myself to help ease the chronic aches in my knees.

You can guess that the metal is copper, which has long been recognized as a healing agent for arthritis. I punched the little tab with the word SHANTI, which means peace, hoping that it would […]

Gems for the Economy

It’s not as if you need the talking heads to tell you that we’re in economic trouble, you live with it every day. Even if your personal finances or your retirement income seem stable now, you worry about how long that will last. If you’re among the millions of people in the United States and […]

Talisman Tales

After that first talisman for little Ben, I was inspired to make talismans for family and friends who were having particular problems. Let me share just a few of them with you here.

garnet, amethyst, and rose quartz

I made an easy-to-wear stretchy bracelet of amethyst, garnet, and rose quartz for an anxious new […]