Handwoven Color Blending

I’m really happy with my last batch of 4 scarves. I tried some more color blending, and it worked perfectly. Four colors of tencel for the warp – royal purple, lavender, cornflower, & seafoam. Another four colors for weft, one per scarf. The draft was an extended Ms & Ws.

First I used a navy […]

Happy Grandma

Last week I went to Rochester to spend time at the Lilac Festival with my daughter and grandson. They have more than 200 varieties of lilacs in the park as well as plenty of other trees, shrubs, & plants to admire.

After enjoying the park we went back to their house for lunch and fun. […]

Sunset Shawls

Like most people (I think), I get my creative inspiration from a variety of places – from seeing what other weavers have made, from books, from looking at my stash, from seeing the world around me. The first and last in that list are what led to me weaving two shawls.

These shawls are […]

It’s the little things that count

At least sometimes that title is true. This time, maybe not so much.

I decided I needed to weave a batch of bookmarks before that little, local show, making sure I had something small and easily affordable. So I warped up the loom and wove 25 bookmarks.

I chose to use mostly bits of […]


See that snow? Just for all of us who are mothers or have mothers? Isn’t that nice?