Pinwheels for May

April and May are generally good months for wind. The weather is changing and with it comes, at the very least, breezes. It’s often time to take your kite to an open field, or go in your backyard with a pinwheel.

With that in mind (okay, not really, but it makes for good text) I […]

Weaving Lace

After Fire in the Hills I decided I’d go back and weave some single color scarves, adding more handwoven lace to my stock. I like the lightness of lace, its symmetry, and the fact that it seems so complex when it’s complete. I like huck and I like Swedish lace, using them each to achieve […]

Fire in the Hills

I don’t recall ‘naming’ a series of scarves before, but this warp of four called its name out to me repeatedly: Fire in the Hills.

The Tencel warp only 3 colors: spice, curry, & gold. In between the solid colors I’ve tried the every-other-thread blending technique. I wasn’t sure I was crazy about it until […]