Do it again…or not

I didn’t take any process shots of the transparency weaving, but I can talk about it a bit. A woven transparency is a fabric that has a very loosely woven linen background with a patterned inlay. That inlay can be done with color in a very representational style, such as this from

Or […]

Mary Poppins lied

cool threads on a yucca plant

I have no comment on the spoonful of sugar thing, but when it comes to washing windows, well begun is most definitely NOT half done. Only half done is half done.

nice section of my morning walk-what’s around the bend?

When you have 22 […]

No Comparison

A friend asked me to weave her a custom alpaca scarf. As always, I’m happy to do so. She chose the colors to coordinate with a new jacket, and picked the specific pattern from some images I’d sent her.

The lime and forest yarns are an alpaca-silk blend from WEBS, the cream and black […]

Twill Clasped Weft

I finally got some decent pictures of that cayenne baby wrap. Natural light is what it’s all about, for sure, especially with some colors and designs.

Here’s the wrap, showing both sides of it.

Again, I wove a different design on the ends. I’m less enthusiastic about these than I was about the zig […]

Calm before the storm

The last two days here in Western New York have been so amazingly beautiful, so warm and lovely, that it’s hard to think about the Frankenstorm that’s coming. Too hard to stay inside the house, even when there’s tons to be done to be ready for my next show.

How to solve this dilemma?