Rigid Heddle Weaving Sells!

After I finished the last post, I went to bed. Like sometimes happens, although my body was tired, my mind wasn’t completely shut off. As I lay there thinking about my sales, I realized something.

Of the 15 scarves I sold at Roycroft, 4 of them were woven on my rigid heddle loom. Which […]

Roycroft Festival Sales

The Roycroft Summer Art Festival is over. The weather was conducive to selling scarves – not too hot & muggy. In fact, it was a bit chilly, making people want to look at warm things.

So what of my new weaving sold?

First to go were the two eggshell huck lace scarves. With a […]

Alpaca Houndstooth

Continuing my custom weaving orders, I wove this handsome alpaca scarf. My customer has a forest green coat with brown trim, and wanted these colors in the pattern I’d woven earlier in the red, gray & black. Since both of the colors in the new scarf are a similar value, the houndstooth pattern doesn’t […]

Handwoven Alpaca Scarves

This past weekend I did another show – Christkindl Market in Canandaigua. As always, I wanted to bring my rigid heddle loom to demonstrate weaving, and as always, gave a great deal of thought to what I’d weave. Although my little LeClerc works fine and there are lots of options of what you can weave […]

Knox Fiber Farm

On Saturday, before the bee man came, I headed to East Aurora to the Knox Farm Fiber Festival. I’d never been to the Knox Farm State Park before, and was looking forward to the visit.

It wasn’t hard to figure out that I was almost there when I saw what seemed like miles of stone […]