Roycroft Festival Sales

The Roycroft Summer Art Festival is over. The weather was conducive to selling scarves – not too hot & muggy. In fact, it was a bit chilly, making people want to look at warm things.

So what of my new weaving sold?

handwoven lace scarf, eggshell

First to go were the two eggshell huck lace scarves. With a show that started at 10:00AM, I’d sold my first scarf by 11, one of these beauties.  I displayed one of them in the front of the booth, on these really cool stands I have, thanks to my wonderful sister and her talented hubby. I sold the second within the next hour. I’m sure if I’d had two more, I could have sold them before the weekend was over, too; people loved them.

handwoven cotton flannel shawlsNext of my new weaving to be sold wasn’t until Sunday morning, when I sold one of the cotton flannel shawls. It had drawn lots of admiring looks, but no takers. Then, a woman walked up to the booth, saw it, put it on, and bought it within a few minutes.

handwoven cotton & linen scarfLater on Sunday I sold the cotton and linen Brooks Bouquet scarf I’d woven for a demo at the Kenan show. She really liked the mix of colors that still produced a scarf of neutrals.

Surely I didn’t sell just four pieces all weekend?! Nope. I matched the pieces sold at Kenan. What else was snatched up?

handwoven cashmere & silk scarves, creamsicle
A variegated cotton flannel baby blanket. An alpaca houndstooth scarf. Several bamboo scarves woven in different colors and designs. Three cashmere & silk scarves, including a recent one in mango & cream. The drop-dead gorgeous purple & silver mohair scarf. A few rayon scarves.

It was a mix of fibers, sizes, weave patterns.

I’ve got some more rayon on the loom now, and can’t wait to get it woven so I can start working with my newly-acquired silk yarn.

I have 7 weeks before my next show, but then in the next 4 weeks I have 2 more shows, so I plan to build up my stock by weaving my way through July.

Your turn: what are your creative outlets this summer?

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