And now it’s October

I sound more and more like my mother – like everyone’s mother – every day. Where does the time go? Last time I looked it was mid-September, and now it’s rapidly closing in on mid-October. And when I try to figure out what I did in the past month, I can’t come up with a […]

Treasure pouches, part 2

My goal was to weave the 3 silk scarves in 1 day. HAH! I’m now on day 3 and still have 1 scarf to weave.

One day I spent 4 hours mowing the lawn & wacking the weeds, plus other necessary tasks, so I only got one scarf woven that day.

The next day? […]

I’ve got an inkling

Ok, not an inkling, an inkle. And it’s not mine, a generous woman in my Fiber Arts Guild lent it to me yesterday. (Note: an inkle is actually the band itself. This is an inkle loom.)

It’s not a great photo, but this Schacht inkle loom is so easy to weave on! I think […]

This & That

For the last few days I’ve spent my time weaving & weeding, and enjoying them both. All that construction took me away from both of these activities, both of which bring me joy.

Not only did I finish JJ’s short wrap, I only have 55″ left of NB’s to weave tomorrow! The weft for […]