I’ve got an inkling

Ok, not an inkling, an inkle. And it’s not mine, a generous woman in my Fiber Arts Guild lent it to me yesterday. (Note: an inkle is actually the band itself. This is an inkle loom.)

Schacht inkle loom, warped

It’s not a great photo, but this Schacht inkle loom is so easy to weave on! I think it took me almost as long to warp the loom as it took me to weave 90+ inches on it. I’ve never warped an inkle before other than that PVC inkle I tried. So that was part of the reason it took a long time, but more, I was following a pattern in Anne Dixon’s book, and had to learn to read an inkle draft, and I had to change colors MANY times, which is time consuming no matter what type of loom you’re warping.

It took me some time to figure out the rhythm of the weaving, and to get my selvedges straight, but I’m quite happy with my first attempt.

finished 1st inkle band

Some of this band will be straps for those treasure pouches, some will be turned into button loops for them. I’m sure I won’t have any left over. If I need more, I’ll have to consider how much time I have available to make more. I am now completely confident that a brand new weaver can produce a bookmark on it without too much difficulty.

Today I also got JJ & NB’s wraps hemmed and through the washer & dryer. Tomorrow I’ll press & label.

Then, just because I didn’t have anything else to do with my time, 😉 I planned, measured, beamed, and threaded a scarf warp for my counterbalance loom.

It was a productive day!

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