My opinion on 3 wefts

JJ's 2 wraps

On this last baby wrap warp I had the opportunity to use 3 different wefts for the 3 warps. I’m glad for this chance to review the 3 wefts.

First was a wrap with an organic cotton/hemp blend from The Woolery for weft. It’s the first time I’ve used this yarn. It was easy enough to work with, although I was a little concerned while I was weaving. The hemp was a bit ‘hairy’ and made the whole yarn feel rougher than the 100% cotton. Once it was wet finished, all roughness was gone. It’s still a bit hairier, with some little bits sticking out in a few places, but it has a nice soft feel for baby & mom.

Next up was an Egyptian cotton weft, followed by my standard Maurice Brassard weft. Both were black, so I wouldn’t have to wonder if black dye vs. undyed or some other color had an impact. I’d be comparing apples to apples.

Frankly, my hands can’t feel a difference between the Egyptian cotton and the Maurice Brassard cotton. Therefore, although I’ll continue to be happy to use Egyptian cotton at mom’s request, if I’m asked for my opinion I’ll suggest the Brassard cotton as it’s more cost effective.

I got all 3 wraps in today’s mail. I also hemmed & wet finished the 3 scarves I wove yesterday. I still have some thread-trimming to do, and hopefully I’ll get a shot of them tomorrow. Plus I plan to beam, thread, & start weaving on a silk warp I planned & measured today.

2 comments to My opinion on 3 wefts

  • Sharleen

    Peg Cherre, how do I get a custom on baby wrap with you. I have seen your works on facebook but have no idea how to get in touch with you. I love your works. Please advise me.

    • Peg Cherre

      Hi, Sharleen. I’m not on Facebook although I know some of my babywearing moms are. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll email you directly.

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