Handwoven Shawl

I recently finished a beautiful handwoven shawl. Made from rayon chenille hand painted by Tammy, I’m really happy with the overall appearance of this shawl. The rich, saturated gemtones are pretty much my favorite colors.

This will go up on my website soon, but I’m betting I’ll get a much bigger reaction at shows. […]

More Yarn Arrives

On Saturday morning I was feeling pretty good. As planned, I’d managed to work my way through a decent quantity of my yarn stock, getting ready for the 2010 shows. I’d also done the tedious work of updating my website with recently handwoven scarves and shawls, and removing items no longer available.

Then the mail […]


Carmi’s theme this week is I’m Hungry. I decided to take a TOTALLY different approach to theme. I live in the sticks, and am thankfully surrounded by wildlife, with few human neighbors. Â I love seeing the evidence of my four-footed and winged neighbors, even when I don’t see the animals themselves.

Each set of […]

Weaving Wool-Silk Scarves

I just took these three scarves off my lovely, little counterbalance loom. The fiber is a wool-silk blend that was hand painted by the talented Tammy of Yarntopia Treasures. This is a colorway she calls Snow White. I really like the fact that this fiber has a handspun look and feel to it – thick […]

Comfy Socks

Actually, these socks are the opposite of what I usually like in foot gear. I go in for dark-colored socks, socks that fit snugly, and socks that are really warm.

But somehow this loose, white, moderate-weight pair pleases me.

One reason is their amazing whiteness. And the fact that somehow they’ve managed to […]