Icicle in Mid-Air

You can just see the corner of the house in this picture — the only thing that can begin to explain how this icicle, unconnected to anything, is horizontally bisected by the clothesline. The weather was just right – that icicle hung there for days, catching the sun as the line moved in the […]

Handwoven Table Linens

I’m not 100% recovered from my head cold yet, but all the remedies from my last post, plus a few I forgot to mention there, have made definite headway. I don’t need naps anymore, although I do still sound somewhat like the teacher in the Charlie Brown movies.

In between cold treatments I did […]

I’m Sick

Not the kind of sick that means really great, but the kind that means no one should come near me.

I’m pretty sure it’s your basic head cold. I’m also pretty sure that Amanda gave it to me when we spoke on the phone on Tuesday evening. Either that, or Jenny gave it to me […]

Wonky Edge Resolved

You’d think after weaving a few hundred pieces, I’d know some things instantly. Not so.

A few days ago I talked about weaving on my new/old Macomber loom. I mentioned that I had a wobbly right selvedge on my cottolin napkins. On the first handwoven napkin, I was too focused on the functioning of […]

Happy WHOA! Year

It’s January 1, 1966 in Buffalo, NY. I’m a really geeky little kid with a highly developed sense of guilt. On New Year’s Day I decide to go to church. Alone, since the rest of the family is sleeping. I get dressed and walk down the stairs. The EXACT INSTANT I set my foot on […]