Icicle in Mid-Air

icicle on clothesline

You can just see the corner of the house in this picture — the only thing that can begin to explain how this icicle, unconnected to anything, is horizontally bisected by the clothesline. The weather was just right – that icicle hung there for days, catching the sun as the line moved in the wind.

That moving bit of sun was reflected to me as I lay snuffling and napping on the couch with my recent cold. So even though I had to bundle up with lots of clothes just to get outside and snap this shot, I couldn’t resist.

Carmi’s theme this week is white. Pretty easy for me here in rural, western NY. But now I’m really wishing I’d gotten up off my butt yesterday to capture a shot that was calling to me. The weather’s now changing rapidly and it’s unlikely that particular shot will present itself again for quite a while. C’est la vie.

Your turn – what’s something that you have captured only in your memory?

3 comments to Icicle in Mid-Air

  • This completely blows my mind – in a good way, of course. Nature is incredible in her ability to wow us at every turn. But only if we take the time to look, which you thankfully always do. I love the scene, but more than that I find it neat how you turned an icky day – cold and all – into one of exploration with your camera. Cool.

  • g

    Wow, unbelievable!! How very strange. I’m sorry you’ve got a cold. This photos is great for Carmi’s theme.

    • Peg Cherre

      Thanks for your well wishes & comments. Particularly coming from someone who takes as many photos as you, I appreciate your compliment. And my cold is definitely on the mend.

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